Last updated on Tuesday May 29, 2018

Photograph of Oren Thomas Hello Internet! I am Oren Thomas a Jamaican software developer currently living in Clinton, MS. Yes, I know you are wondering, "How did you end up in Mississippi?" Well, work brought me here. I am currently employed by Fast Enterprises as an Implementation Consultant at the Mississippi Department of Revenue. I previously worked as a Software Engineer at Digicel Group and also for Fiscal Services Limited, now renamed eGov Jamaica Limited.

Through my experiences I've learnt a lot, but there is always a lot more to learn. This website was born out of my desire to develop new skills and learn about technologies that I would not normally encounter while on the job. My hope is to create an online journal of sorts, that documents the topics I learned about, the questions I asked myself and the answers I uncovered. Hopefully you will benefit from it too!

Welcome to Code Mecca, hope you come again soon!